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A complete little Gem- Leanne aka Halo Hair. 18 months ago After spending over 250 pounds at a Regis salon in London to have my hair colour corrected- I came out of the salon feeling upset and unhappy with the service I recieved I wasn't happy with the colour either. 2 days later I found a Facebook ad for Halo Hair. I arranged with Leanne for her to come out and see what could be done. When she came we had a good chat about colours and a cut. Not knowing What Leanne was Like as a hairdresser was worrying but I need not have worried because She is amazing. She listens, advises and won't allow me to have something done which she feels will be detrimental to My hair. This is why I would recommend Leanne to anyone who appreciates the specialness that Leanne has. You make a special bond with your hairdresser and good ones are hard to come by. Leanne I'm proud to say is not just my hairdresser but has now become a lifelong friend and I look forward to our monthly catch ups whilst she does my hair.

- Collette Sayles, Holbrook

I had my hair cut or shall I say saved by Leanne and she did an amazing job. I am absolutely delighted after having a really bad experience from a previous mobile hairdresser, Leanne really has put my trust in mobile hairdressers again. Professional and friendly service who I highly recommend. I felt like I left a salon rather than my front room. Thank you Leanne, I will look forward to seeing you again soon.

- Charlotte Grainger, Derby

After moving to Derby from Cambridge I was in need of a new stylist, I was recommended Halo Hair by my sister and so went ahead and got in touch with Leanne, she was very flexible and sorted out a time which was perfect for me! Leanne has really updated my style and bought it into the 21st Century. I am really delighted I contacted her because she was able to advise me with my cuts and styles, this had not been done before at any other salon! On top of the great service is a great price, especially when you consider you dont even have to leave your house. Leanne will be stylist for many years to come.

- Helen Rankin, Derby

Leanne is a lovely young woman with a bright personalilty, aside from her hairdressing skills she is a joy to be around which makes the service even more comfortable and enjoyable. With my hair I have changed the style over and over again, and Leanne has given me advise the whole way, telling me what I should'nt do as well as what I should. She will go out of her way to make sure you get whatever you need, if its a colour she doesn't normally get or a special treatment for your hair, she can also provide some lovely branded shampoos and other products at a cheaper price than supermarkets. I am really happy I found Leanne because she provides a special service that I have not found before.

- Melissa North, Spondon